A Message from Airport Taxi Limo

Dear Valued Customers 

We at Toronto Airport Taxi Limo are closely watching the Covid-19 situation and are continuing to serve and adapt to the situation at hand,as well as pull together to help curtail this outbreak.In response to the virus,we’ve implemented updated best practices in our workplace to ensure the health and safety of our employees ,and you our customers.

We have taken strong measures to sanitize our vehicles, give personal protective equipment like facial mask, gloves to our drivers, all our vehicles are equipped with hand sanitizer/ wipes. These precautions are designed to ensure that our customers are driven by healthy drivers.

The Covid-19 situation remains fluid,and Toronto Airport Taxi Limo is committed to helping in any way we can during this difficult time.We will continue to monitor and respond to Federal, Provincial and local health authorities to protect our employees and our customers, until we make it through this together and encourage all to do the same.

Some things to consider 

Let us take a deep breath. Meditation and stress management are even more important in this time.

Be informed. By being informed we take much of mystery away from the current situation, understanding reduces anxiety.

Be serious about taking precautions. We are taking the precautions we are,because we are trying to save a subset of our loved ones who are susceptible mostly and take burden off our health system.And we will prevail more times than not, if we act now by social distancing, Staying home, isolating,and frequent hand wash.

This is the time to be selfless and be strong for each other. This is the time to show each other love and care.Spend quality time with our loved ones.Really connect with each other and show who we really are and how we really feel about each other. This challenge is bringing us closer as community, as a nation, as a world, we are of the same purpose, we have the same goal, to assure the best possible outcome for all and better ourselves for a better world and better tomorrow.

Team Toronto Airport Taxi Limo